About Us

What is FortiMates?

FortiMates is a next inline product of ISF Analytica & Informatica Pvt. Ltd. ISF believes in innovation and we find new ways to find solution to problems faced by the community.

E-mail Id which is used in so many platforms for registration is an easy medium to conduct fraudulent solicitations, transactions as scam emails & Fraudulent emails. This all leads us to only one question. Are our Email Id safe? Rest easy because FortiMates protects your email from any sort of breach. We value our customer’s privacy and protecting it is our priority.

FortiMates verifies the origin of an email as long as sender is a registered and verified user. This creates a legally binding obligation.

FortiMates has the following key features:

Face Verification

Fingerprint Verification

QR code scan

Document Verification

Address Verification

Content Verification