FortiMates is a product of ISF Analytica & Informatica. A secure mailing system which verifies its users and avoids spammers and threats to your Email Account.

Security has been a major issue since E-mail ID is used for registration on various platforms. Email-Ids are linked to Bank Accounts, Social Security Passwords, Net Banking which involves Money and any cyber theft through such accounts will lead to unbearable losses.

FortiMates is an approach to secure one’s identity by providing double level verification system of both fingerprint Scan and face recognition powered by AI which validates the user’s account and thus avoid misuse of identity & fraudulent mails.

Fraudulent mails are reduced as FortiMates checks the content of the mail using AI technology.

It’s time to secure our identities. Register now at

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To create a fraud free environment that enables a healthy socio-economic growth of the world.


Is to create our FortiMates as a revolutionary platform in the pursuit of eliminating email fraud.